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What could be easier than writing a print ad? It's just a visual with a clever headline right? But there is nothing easy or simple about the process. As David Ogilvy said: "Selling is a serious business." An effective print ad takes the simplest and most engaging route to appeal to the readers' self-interest and gets them to do or think what you want them to do or think.  Ogilvy: "It is not fine art. It is not literature." It is hard work, the result of a strong collaboration between a copywriter, an art director/designer and a marketing team.

Siemens Transportation Systems Print Ad Campaign Copywriting

Siemens Transportation Systems tells its story of complete turnkey rail solutions in this ad campaign written by Gregor & Co.

Modernage "Hamann" Print Ad Copywriting

Modern Age, a creator of high-end museum quality photo printing wanted an ad to talk about it’s digital capabilities. We utilized Horst Hamman, a professional outdoor photographer in a testimonial featuring him in his trademark daring photographic settings. 

Kane "Smart Containers" Print Ad Copywriting

Scranton is the place to be for third-party logistics provider Kane Is Able, Inc. This print ad created brand awareness for Kane Is Able, by announcing its new Scranton warehouse and distribution center. Gregor & Co. created the headline and wrote all copy. 

Somat Company Print Ad Copywriting

"Before You Compost It - Somat It." Gregor & Co. headline and ad copy sells Somat Company's capabilities to facilitate the disposal of food waste with shredding and composting machinery.

Ashlar Village Retirement Community Print Ad Copywriting

Ashlar Village, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) wanted to brand itself as a community with a tradition and history of care for seniors. This print ad written by Gregor & Co. helped to uniquely position Ashlar Village.

Castle Bank Print Ad Copywriting

Castle Bank's new online capabilities in tandem with it’s small-town bank customer-service were promoted in this print ad copywriting done by Gregor & Co. Developed with CORE, Meriden, CT.

Modern Age "Handcrafted Digital" Print Ad Copywriting

Gregor & Co. did the copywriting for this ad for Modernage, a retailer of high-end museum quality photo prints.

Simonds Print Ad Campaign

Simonds wanted "in your face" ads that would position them as producers of the toughest, longest-lasting band saw blades on the market. This campaign created that "tough as nails" product image. 

Quinnipiac College Print Ad Copywriting

This print ad I wrote for Quinnipiac College Summer Session encouraged readers to "stimulate your brain waves."

Tech Valley Communications Print Ad Copywriting

Copywriting done by Gregor & Co. helped Tech Valley Communications announce it's First Light fiber optic service for businesses. I  also helped create the product name.

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