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Direct mail copywriting requires quick-hitting cover headlines, strong benefits copy and a powerful call to action. It's all about getting the reader to do something NOW. Whether it's a direct mail brochure or a direct mail post card the goal is getting hits on your web site, filling your email box, or having your phones ringing - the work you see here did just that. Here's a rule from a direct mail Jedi: "Be positive and specific. One clear, firm statement is stronger than many paragraphs writing around the point. Why flood the reader with weak overwritten arguments when instead we could pierce him with the needle-spray of a fine-tuned message?"*

From *Direct Mail Copy That Sells" by Herschell Gordon Lewis

Environmental Data Resources Direct Mail Copywriting

"Oomphormation," is a term I coined as the headline of a direct mail piece used to promote this supplier of environmental data to banks and other businesses.

Standard Oil "First Responders" Direct Mail Copywriting

This direct mail piece borrowed from the idea of EMTs responding to emergencies to underscore this heating oil company's great emergency service capabilities.

Castle Bank Direct Mail Post Card Copywriting

Direct mail post card headline I wrote for this local bank featured a surprising promise for business checking customers.

Copes Rubbish Removal Direct Mail Postcard Copywriting

Who wants "trashy looking trash"? Gregor & Co. came up with the headline and copy that had some fun with the idea of making trash pick-up day more orderly and tidy with a new curbside pick-up program from Copes Rubbish Removal.

Constitution Health Network (HMO) Direct Mail Copywriting

Award-winning direct mail piece written by Gregor & Co. for Constitution Health Network, a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).

Anna Maria College Direct Mail Copywriting

Gregor & Co. headline “Where Do You Think You’re Going?” coupled with interesting fact-filled copy about Anna Maria College helped target prospective students in this "search piece" direct mailer.

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