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The Sisters of Providence Health System has a great story to tell about its 140-year tradition of caring in the Springfield, MA community. I carried the existing theme "A Tradition of Quality. A Commitment To Caring" throughout the copy, sustaining the messaging in the introduction, The Letter From The CEO, The Letter From The Board of Trustees Chair, and in articles about various accomplishments that took place throughout the year. Done in collaboration with the Mercy Medical Center Marketing Department. 


A Tradition Of Caring. A Commitment To Quality.

1873. Four Sisters of Providence establish the Holyoke mission. Within a week they accept the first orphan at the House of Providence. City officials begin sending the needy and infirm for care and shelter. Brightside, an orphanage, is founded in 1881.

2012. The former Brightside campus now meets the needs of a new generation. The new MercyLife PACE Center (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) provides quality outpatient and support services for at-risk elderly, helping them remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.

Just one example of how things change.

And, how they also stay the same.

Because the healing tradition of the Sisters of Providence and the 140 year continuum of Caring & Quality based on the Pillars of Excellence: Quality. Service. People. Growth. Finance is unchanging.

It is the core of Mercy Medical Center, embodying a tradition of caring and commitment to quality. This 2011 Annual Report provides a snapshot of one year in a long history. It is illustrative of how in the last year we have lived up to our mission and tradition and how we will continue to do so in the future. 

A Letter From The CEO

2011 was a time of tremendous change for the healthcare delivery system. And while it is essential that we innovate and change the way healthcare is delivered and reimbursed, the values of the Sisters of Providence will always be our guiding light. This Annual Report is more than a financial presentation, it is also a storyline depicting how Mercy people are keeping the Sisters’ transformative and healing legacy alive. The dedication and vision of the Sisters who forged and led this ministry are central to our mission and everything we do at Mercy Medical Center.

Strategic Repositioning Initiative: Direction for 2012 and Beyond

The Strategic Repositioning Initiative (SRI) is an ongoing effort to guide MMC in fulfilling that mission in the rapidly changing healthcare landscape. As the central focus of senior management, the SRI has MMC well positioned to prosper and continue as a high value provider of healthcare to the community.

The SRI takes into account all phases of the system. Looking for growth through investment, partnerships and collaborations are keys to meeting our strategic goals. Examples of investment include the Emergency Department expansion and renovation, the completion of the first phase of Mercy’s private rooms project, and the ongoing work of implementing electronic records through CareLink, which will go live in this fall.

Our commitment to better outcomes for our patients is seen in Mercy Medical Center’s expanded service offerings in 2011. Two new hyperbaric oxygen chambers were unveiled at the Mercy Wound Care Center and a new Cardiac Catheterization Lab was introduced. A new Mercy Hearing Center location in Agawam was opened. Another exciting development is the recent addition of a new da Vinci® Si™ Surgical System, a state-of-the-art platform giving surgeons a host of unique advantages. MMC is the only hospital in the area offering this advanced surgical technology. 

New partnerships and collaborations also contribute to growth and higher quality. We launched our Mercy Diabetes Education Center at Noble Hospital and recently announced a collaboration with New England Pathology Associates, P.C. (NEPA) to manage Life Laboratories, making it the first and only physician led and physician managed clinical laboratory in the region. We look forward to making additional partnership and collaboration announcements in 2012.

Innovation In Care, Payment & Care Delivery

In response to a large portion of the population “aging in place,” we are developing MercyLife PACE Center (Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) at the former Brightside campus. Providing a full spectrum of outpatient and support services PACE helps elderly at risk for nursing home placement remain independent for as long as possible.

Mercy Medical Center is a leader in creating innovative value-based health care purchasing options. In partnership with 100 primary care physicians, Noble Hospital and Accountable Care Associates, Mercy is launching the Accountable Care Organization of New England (ACO). The ACO will offer new healthcare delivery and payment methods for high quality patient care that is efficient, costs less and reduces hospital admissions and readmissions.

Additionally, Mercy, through the Delivery System Transformation Incentive Program (DSTI), is eligible to earn up to $45-million over the next three years, to develop innovative care and reimbursement programs designed to support transformation of our care delivery system.

Providing high quality care and patient safety are among the highest priorities at Mercy Medical Center, and commitment to these areas is essential from both clinical and non-clinical staff. Teamwork is the key to Mercy’s drive toward clinical excellence as a Top Decile Performer; physicians, nurses and ancillary support staff all working together and focusing on one patient at a time in what is truly a quest for perfection. With the bar set so high on quality and safety goals, we continue to deliver the best health care experience possible.

Employee Engagement

We continue to look for ways to better communicate with and get input from our employees. The SPHS Employee Commitment Survey, with over 2000 employees participating, provided a tremendous amount of feedback. Based on survey data, departmental teams developed action plans for system-wide improvements. CEO Employee Forums at various facilities and our recently launched monthly newsletter, Colleague Connection, have been great successes in furthering communications and teamwork.

As caretakers of the legacy, we move ahead in 2012 with a clear understanding. Success in our mission is defined as innovating and adapting to change while staying true to that rich legacy of hope and healing begun 140 years ago by the Sisters of Providence.


A Letter From The Board Of Trustees Chair

As we look back on the way Mercy Medical Center met its many challenges in 2011 we cannot help but be encouraged and uplifted.  Our accomplishments were many as we continued to carry out our mission of being a transformative and healing force in the community.

These accomplishments are recognized in the stories you will read under the headings of the five foundational  Pillars: People, Service, Quality, Finance and Growth. The growth, innovation and dedication we experienced give us hope for 2012 and beyond.

But there are still challenges ahead.  The unfolding demands of health reform, declining reimbursements, ongoing economic uncertainty and the changing expectations of health care consumers will continue to test our abilities to change and grow in our mission. These issues bring financial pressure on SPHS and other health care providers across the nation for the foreseeable future.  The regulatory picture is unclear and we have concerns about the future of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, as well as many other financial pressures including HMOs pressing hospitals to reduce costs wherever possible.

With all of the uncertainty though, we can be buoyed by strength the five pillars, especially our people whose talents, dedication and vitality never waiver in the pursuit of our mission.

In 2011, one of those people was our new President and CEO, Dan Moen, a most welcome addition to SPHS. Dan’s appointment has brought his incredible skill, knowledge and energy to SPHS at a time when it will me most needed.  He has already demonstrated the leadership, will and ability to help us meet our current challenges head-on and help lead SPHS to new levels of service and performance excellence. We are fortunate to have him in a leadership position and look forward to working closely with Dan in the coming year.

I invite you to share our 2011 Annual Report and recognize it as a celebration of the ongoing success of our mission.

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