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Doing research for a Nichols College view book, I visited the school for a few days and was offered a room in a campus guesthouse. The nearly 200 year-old College, located in the New England town of Dudley, MA has some history and it turned out the guesthouse once belonged to a Yankee sea captain or captain of industry, I can’t remember which.

The students were on break and during the day just a few administrators and faculty populated campus. One of the professors I interviewed mentioned a rumor about the guesthouse being haunted. As the first night fell I joked to myself that I might have company on the lonely campus after all. But I had pretty much shrugged off the professor’s rumor as a jest until I woke up in my room and saw a bright light shimmering in the corner. At first I thought it was a street light, but no, it was the captain, I just knew it, I think I saw a captain’s hat and some epaulettes.

At five am I was awakened by a knock on the window of my car. The campus security guard didn’t get what a copywriter was, and wasn’t understanding me doing view book research by sleeping in my car. But when I mentioned the Captain, he nodded knowingly and out of pity he let me stay in my car bed. If nothing else I think this story illustrates the lengths I will go to make sure I get the facts for good copy.

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